Chasing Ivan

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“Kyle Achilles” is the one of the main creations of Tim Tigner, this series increased the fame and status of the writer in the field of literature. The two one of kind men emerges on the scene, both professionals in their fields and rivals of each other. There is one thing else that joins the two i.e the girl they love and want to have. Ivan known as a ghost in the world is Russian and the man for many people does not exist at all.

No one has the proof that he exists; there is no evidence against him and no picture about his true identity. His plans execute perfectly and even the CIA has no track of the man until the day they hire Kyle Achilles for the job. But he too loses the first round because Emily’s disappears in front of his eyes and he has no trace.

The chase is on and the battle has just begun, things would be epic for sure from the look of it anyone can at least guess this. The story moves from America to England and from there Kyle and his partner the French agent move towards Russia the den of the Ghost.

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This time they are mentally ready to catch him once and for all. Like Flash this one is also narrated by Dick Hill who provides American, British, French and Russian way of utterance at the same time. Even narrators like him struggles a little but the things look well managed when it is down to the American and French style. It is just the opening that’s why ending was always expected to be incomplete. Member Benefit

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