The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara


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    Terry Brooks’ career reached special heights with the publication of the first book of the Shannara series. With that book, a new magical land came into being in the world of literature with its legendary creatures and characters.

    Writing about magical creatures without borrowing anything from Homer’s world truly tells the talent of the author. The Sword of Shannara proved its might now this tale begins with the appearance of a body on the land. Very few remain on Shannara now who could comprehend the meaning of all this. But there are old legends i.e Ilse Witch and Walker Boh who can smell that the danger is approaching and this body happens to be the first sign.

    The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara

    Two main characters don’t start for the mission on their own as they are fully aware of the thing which awaits them. A team is gathered in which each member has special powers and a specific role during the voyage. Among those five members, there is one who looks to be insignificant when the story opens but later his true identity and role in the voyage just takes everyone by surprise.

    Sam Fontana narrates the role of that young man with extreme care and gives us the hint about his worth before the secret about him is disclosed. As far as the character of Walker Boh is concerned the audience which has listened to The Last Druid needs no guideline about Boh here because he is a Druid. All his skills, talents, and potential have already been discussed in that book a long time ago. The first book of Shannara voyage can make anyone an addict to this series as the ride never ends.

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