Dead Ice

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Laurell K. Hamilton has been trying to move the series on two different levels since the beginning. On one side the author describes the love life of the vampires and the lust that arouses in them from time to time.

The second side works on an entirely different theme i.e capturing of criminals who try to ravage the peace of the land. Anita Blake works for both of these things; she has established a strong bond with the vampire master and also helps the government in capturing the criminals from both sides. Recently she has been appointed to the post of US marshal, at the same time her engagement with Jean-Claude has become final.

Both of the news are superb but Anita thinks that her connection with Jean is harming her career. Still, she continues the good work with the FBI and the department assigns her with a new zombie case. Zombie Porn is the latest for the FBI and the department wants to stop it not only because it is illegal but also because of the condition of women who are in them.

Someone is playing bad this time and Anita will make it stop no matter what happens. The scary feeling can be observed through the voice of Kimberly Alexis because the main character gets tortured mentally. Going through tragedies in Kiss the Dead and Affliction was ample for Anita and she never wanted such a case. However, leaving it could damage her reputation which is already at stake after getting engaged to Jean. Proving what she is Anita takes the case once again and sets for the hunt of a lifetime.


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