Death by Black Hole

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Enthusiasm and energy is what makes Neil deGrasse Tyson’s work more appealing than ever for the general public. Most of the authors these days write about science and technology but fail to arouse a crazy feeling in the reader. If we are not getting that crazy feeling that we are looking for in the story than the story does not have any impact in novels stuffed with science and technology.

Neil surely fantasies his own imaginative world and describes in an inspiring manner as what would happen to us if we ever enter a black hole that are there in space. The blend of religion with the scientific ideas is something new and luckily the author has not made a mess out of this blend otherwise the book would have been controversial. It is even a nice book for students who have some issues in the understanding of scientific philosophies.

Everything is simple and discussed in a childlike way so that the charm is not destroyed and the originality is not altered at all. A marvelous choice for those who have read Astrophysics for People in a Hurry and Accessory to War and know that the writer loads his works with humor to make the people laugh a little after understanding the concept in the right way.

The narrator goes plain in the first two portions and although Dion Graham is a fantastic narrator but he loses the main stream at the start and then grips it and finally gets hold of it in the last moment ending the book the way it deserved. It is a good book for the bed time even for those who don’t like science stuff.

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