Demon Wars

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Mark Tufo ends the series on this part and it will no doubt remain standalone stuff Writer’s rest of the works because of the fact that the monsters were different this time. Tufo has presented zombies and monsters over the years who were always trying to slaughter the human race but none was like these werewolves. These werewolves were monsters with a vision, they possessed and idea of ruling the earth and creating a new era. We have seen this passion in Lycan Fallout 3: End of Age and also in Lycan Fallout 4: Immortality’s Touchstone  where these monsters even plan for the under the leadership of Xavier. They don’t want the humans on the planet anymore; there is no truce with them at any stage because they are just no more needed at any level.

Sean Runnete ends the series in his voice as many had hoped and it was the demand of the fans that the series ends in the voice of the same person who has carried it this far.

Like the previous part it is loaded with action but this time the action gets some results as well. The goals clear and hidden all are brought to light and also it is time to take side or select the man or demon you are with because the end is near for one side.

The humans know that they are favoring a monster but there is nothing they can do in a situation when they are out of resources from all sides. Moreover they have a shortage of leaders also, so they make the dark prince their leader the one who used to hunt them in the past.

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    Immortality’s Touchstone

    Demon Fallout


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