Divided Allegiance

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Elizabeth Moon presented Paksenarrion in the first part as a girl who possessed a difference of opinion with her family. While her father wanted her to marry a pig farm owner she had the passion to act like a warrior in the battlefield. Her will prevailed in Sheepfarmer’s Daughter and she was given an opportunity to restore a king back on his thrown that was snatched from him by his enemy. After that life changed for her altogether, one mission and then another made her rise in the field.

Being a renowned warrior of the land she is called by the king whenever the need arises. First in this book she takes care of a gang of robbers that were looting the people of the state. Then she gets another mission related to the elvish shrie, luckily she completed all of those missions in a flash. Her status has surely risen and that brings her to her latest task which is actually an honor for her. Paksenarrion finally gets a chance to enter in the academy of knights after which she would be able to land directly in the palace.

Surely she is receiving kinghood when the training is finished and that means the fulfillment of her dreams. Jennifer Van Dyck narrates energetically because Paksenarrion remains in a happy mood throughout the novel.

This novel was full of Paksenarrion achievements and till now she has lost nothing. Oath of Gold will decide that whether this happiness stays for ever with the emerging knight or it would prove just a smoke screen as disaster awaits her. Of course one cannot become a hero without sacrifices and Paksenarrion hasn’t sacrificed anything yet.



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