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Dan Abnett and his contemporary science fiction novels have been a great source of entertainment for the book lovers well within his time and even beyond. The Double Eagle is one such novel from the author, which is worthy of all your time. Toby Longwrth is the narrator of this chapter and with all his past experience and ability to maximize his voice potential, he was able to pull off a great performance.

The Enothis war is almost completely lost. Chaos pushed hard harry and the defenders both on the land and in the sky. The question is that, can the best pilots of Phantine XX will be able to twist or turn the tide and drew the Imperium victory?

In this novel, you will see it taking the popular Sabbat Worlds Crusade to the sky with some extremely quick paced aeronautical performances, compelling emotional from Dan Abnett and then some extremely memorable characters as well.

When the best pilots of Phantine XX gets to the Enothis world, they were completely aware that it is their most desperate hour. The Chas forces just by that time were closing in and their one final attack could wipe out the entire mankind from the planet. A large number of refuges left the dark armies and the Khrel, the Chaos fighter pilot is always searching for his hunt in the open skies. Can Phantine fighters manage to hold off the advances of Chaos until the backup forces arrive? Moreover, is it possible for them to defeat someone, who has daemons?

First and Only and Horus Rising are excellent novels from Dan Abnett, which you must check in their audio versions.





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