Dragon Ever After


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    The mysterious world of dragons is touched once again by Louisa Masters on this occasion. The author has experimented a lot in different books and this series happens to be one of the finest of the experiments. A girl working for the Community of Species Government for a long time finally gets the time to relax and she can now join any normal job which could prove to be a blessing. Her father also wants her to live a normal life for a while so that she can adjust herself to that scenario later on.

    The girl does not like normal things and she thinks that it is all boring. A few weeks in her new job just exhaust her because she was hoping for some action that cannot be achieved in a peaceful normal life. Then Brandt fell from the sky in the shed and changed everything for the lonely one.

    Dragon Ever After

    Brandt was not an ordinary being rather he was a dragon and the leader of all other dragons as well. The girl wasn’t surprised rather she was happy to find a dragon of her own who can take her back to a life of action and war. Joel Leslie hasn’t given any pause in the narration because it was needed.

    The Dragon Experiment and The Professor’s Dragon will attract the fans toward them after the end of this book because there are the other two parts of the series. These parts will take the series further and will allow all the listeners to cherish the pleasure of love in the story. Not to forget that this book is also loaded with action scenes and a lot of fire involved.

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