Dragon Keeper

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With Dragon Keeper starts another great trilogy, The Rain Wild Chronicles, which is the 4th trilogy within the Realms of the Elderlings novel series. The Dragon Keeper is the 10th chapter of the larger mentioned series. This is written masterfully by Robin Hood who is absolutely a genius with her top-class fictional writing. If you want to explore some more good novels from the author then Dragon Keeper and The Farseer: Assassin’s Apprentice is the recommended novels in the audio format.

Saskia Butler narrated this novel. It was a great pleasure listening to Saskia. The narrator was able to produce different voices for different characters quite comfortably.

People are rehabilitated by the Rain Wilds where Thymara is one of them. She was born with natural black claws and had some other obvious abnormalities as well. She should have been exposed long ago at her birth but she was saved by her father and her mother had never forgiven him for that. Thymara like everyone else is highly fascinated by knowing about the return of dragons. It is something like the return of good hope to their struggling world. The captain of the liveship Tarman. Leftrin also had some keen liking in the hatching. It was the same case with Alise Finbok, the newlywed of Bingtown. She had made this all her life work to study everything to know more about the dragons.

This new trilogy continues in the same old world that you witnessed in the Liveship Traders trilogy, which went on to become the bestselling series as well. Some of the characters from that series are also included and still, it sounds quite refreshing and exciting with no repetition at all of any sort.


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