Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine Audiobook

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The thing nice about the story is that no one is with anything extraordinary. All the characters that are presented are simple with the everyday chores that they perform and try to engage themselves in order to save themselves from boredom. Their dull routine does not tire us in the story as there are sudden twists in the story that make it a bit spicy but not too much decorated thus the origin of life is not disturbed at all.

Eleanor works on the weekdays and on weekends she spends the life of a loner who just talks to her mother on the phone and wastes the rest of the day in eating junk food and watching television. She is a girl with no extraordinary talent she does not know how to get along in a social circle even. She ironically meets Raymond a coworker in her office but with extremely different habits altogether.

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He lives his life in an unhygienic condition but that does not matter when you are with a big heart. The internal goodness is revealed to Eleanor when he saves Sammy with her who slips on the sidewalk in front of them. They are destined to come together not in the office only but in life as well. Gail Honeyman gives the story a slow touch but as the characters are revealed fully the story speeds up a little in the voice of Cathleen McCarron.

Eleanor’s life gains color and finally starts to sparkle which makes the listener optimistic about the fact that there is always a chance of betterment in our life, hopes and chances meet us on the way in our journey of life so we should never be hopeless about our life and the outcome of our decisions.

You may also enjoy listening to the book Bring Me Back as it is also an interesting one and offers more incidences like this book.


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