Extinction Crisis

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Extinction Crisis is the third and final chapter in the mind blowing Extinction Series. It is beautifully written by James D. Prescott, who is known as a fine literary writer. The subject novel is a mystery thriller, which comes with an amazing storyline for the audience to cherish.

Extinction Code and Augmented are other fictional novels, which James D. Prescott has written and are quite enjoyable, especially in their audio versions with immaculate performance.

Gary Tiedemann like in all the chapters of the series is once again the narrator this time, and just like before, his performance is outstanding and appreciated by all for the quality of his voice and precise expressions needed for the character he played in this novel.

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With the might doomsday ship, which was just a few days away from impacting the planet Earth, the demise of entire mankind looked all but certain. In each and every corner of the world, there was great panic and chaos created.

It was the big news of the upcoming destruction, which eventually led to such a situation and it was also due to the collapse of the rule of law.

Just as the base of the entire civilization crumbled ahead of them, Mia and Jack should speed up to get answers to the most critical questions of all time. Why the Ateans eradicated life on Earth and that too on a loop? Will the key required for ending the extinctions cycle get locked somewhere in the Salzburg Chromosome?

Unscrambling the very mystery would mean to go well deep into the risky type of the alien world heart and coming across the one who actually created us.


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