Extreme Measures

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Vince Flynn as a writer is predictable in a way that most of his novels are based on crime mystery thrillers, which specifically talks about a political thriller scenario. His leading character, which mostly is a modern detective, is crafted very well to please and connect with the audience. The Extreme Measures novel is a true depiction of all these mentioned qualities of the author. Even more, George Guidall is back once again as a go to narrator for a Vince Flynn’s novel. Extreme Measures happens to be the 11th book of the Mitch Rapp novel series.

Rapp and Mike Nash, his acolyte might have met their best match ever. The CIA as always have been active and intercepted a couple of terrorist cells. However, a 3rd cell is doubted to be on the loose. It was led by a fearful mastermind, who was trying everything to become the Al Qaeda leader. The group is preparing itself to attack USA.

Rapp required the best people to join for this daunting assignment and Nash was his obvious choice. Both had a history of fighting war against terrorism in secrecy and never ever mentioned anything about their personal sacrifices in the cause. They knew that they have got the skills for the mission and have already saved thousands of innocent lives with all the valiant efforts that they have put in for the cause.

Separation of Power and Executive Power novels helped Vince Flynn to get great fame as a quality author. You will definitely have a good time invested in listening to these high quality political mystery novels from the Mitch Rapp novel series by the author.





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