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It is a military tale that is woven brilliantly by Eric Blehm who adds some personal thoughts and memories too in the story. The book surely reveals the warrior spirit of a soldier who moves ahead in the battlefield with no fear at all. Adam Brown also shows the highest commitment level there is among the soldiers of the United States. They never back down from a challenge and are not afraid to lay their life in the service that is dear to them i.e protecting their country.

We observe Adam Brown writing a letter to his children which would be given to them or send to them if he fails to make it back to the States. The message is a strong one; he tells them that he is not afraid of anything in the world and it was his team who took down Osama bin Laden in a severe fight.

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Now he moves further and though he has never been that sort throughout his life but now times have changed for him. He was once a boy who loved fun in life and then adopted the wrong path that made his parents worried. Now it is a fight for redemption from his side and will continue as long as he is alive.

Paul Michael uses a strong military tone and accent in the narration and we can get the feeling of an army camp till the last chapter. The theme is approximately the same that we observe in The Last Season and The Only Thing Worth Dying For even the motivation in the heroes is of the same sort. The story never goes too much on the battlefield but even in the mind the soldiers are always ready for a fight which is awesome to note.

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