Flight of the Reaper

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Flight of the Reaper is the fifth installment in The Last Reaper novel series. This is a science fiction and fantasy book which is authored by JN Chaney and Scott Moon. They have done some incredible science fiction work as a pair and especially in this very series. If you want to know about the other top novels in the series then Hunt of the Reaper is one of them. The followers also had very good things to say about their Wrath of the Reaper novel.

The audio narration of the book is done by Tom Taylorson. From his last performance in the series, this one showed tremendous improvement and you will enjoy his voice.

The battle had just started.

Halek and his crew of rogue scientists, runaways, and the rebel commandos arrived in the system for a definite purpose. It was about saving the political refugees who were on the ship. Upon their arrival, they were quick to figure out that things were not that easy to handle there. The system dominated with the derelict ships that belonged to the ancient battles. It was more of a gold mine of resources, history, and old technology.

But, from where did these ships come from, and what was the reason behind that battlefield? Halek had to find all the answers while evading and fighting his toughest enemies so far. All this while, he also had to protect all those people who were very close and dear to him. The stakes this time are much higher and like never before.

You will find yourself riveted to the story and will want more of the same from the authors’ duo in this series.

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