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The first part was quite impressive no doubt and it was Angie Sage’s prime motive to make the audience look for the next part. The hungry fans have been waiting for this second part for quite a while now and finally they have it. Though it is for the kids but the adults also can get a lot of enjoyment because the struggle is gigantic and the story is of epic proportion. Septimus Heap has been the main celebrity for whom people were searching in Magyk and when we met him we observed that he too was looking for someone.

All he wanted more than anything else was the details about his origin and family. Though he has magical powers but still he never had any idea about his family at all. He joins his family in this second part and finally gets a chance to learn from the best. Wizard Marcia Overstrand the most powerful wizard there is gives Spetimus an opportunity to learn the art of charms and other things related to the wizardry world.

Jenna too is free princess now and can live in her own castle freely for the first time in her life perhaps. Still evil forces loom on the region as Marcia is constantly haunted by evil forces that he wants to hide from the rest of the people around. Moreover Septimus’ brother wants to take revenge of which he does not want to talk about to anyone, not even his family members.

Thus instead of becoming simple the plot becomes complex than ever. Each member of the family has issues of his own and it would take time to bring them on the same page. Gerard Doyle is the narrator this time and is better than ever in this series especially in the rhythm.

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    Magyk-Septimus Heap



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