Foundation and Empire

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Foundation of the new world was laid by Hari Seldon, it was a wise decision by him because he was able to save massive amount of knowledge on this far planet. In Foundation the war started and it engulfed all the planets leaving behind barbarians that only know how to tear the enemy. While remaining on the edge of the galaxy these literate and wise men prosper more in every field of science and thus making their home a stronger and better place to live.

Building a strong hold for them was not easy; monsters and barbarians from all side now want the technology that this small planet possesses. They have been able to save their knowledge till now but the Empire has eyes set on the target now. The Empire fell but not in number or power but in humanity and intellect, if compared with power the Empire still possesses its worth in the entire galaxy.

A general among the Empire’s army knows what the small planet has in stalk and what the original plan of Hari Seldon was. So he wants to invade at any cost, the scientists on the small planet can only wait for prophesy of Hari to come true because they cannot fight against the mule. Isaac Asimov infuses the spirit of fight once again that is garnished by Scott Brick’s voice.

Second Foundation will now decide the fate of these warriors and scientists now and it is mind verses muscle now from here on. Problem of those with sharp minds is that they don’t have firm faith on their knowledge and even their faith on prophesy dwindles here.

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    Second Foundation


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