Four Past Midnight Audiobook

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Four Past Midnight By Stephen King

For those who want to stay connected to the horror side of the life, these four thrilling novellas can help out in a way you’d never forget. The suspense and horror depicted in these Novellas would be enough to keep your heart gripping the whole time you are thinking about the stories. You would be living in a complete thrilling plot laid out by the writer who knows how to strike your imagination.

This collection of four Novellas is much like the Different Seasons that also covered 4 Novellas to thrill your imagination with complete suspense and fantasy. This collection is based on supernatural powers and horror.

Four Past Midnight By Stephen King

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One of them is the Langoliers, One Past Midnight that features the complete horror when people went on one of the worst flight of their lives, where out of all there are only 11 survivors who also end up in an emptied world full of suspense and terror in front of them.

The Two past Midnight, the secret Window Secret Garden seems a lot similar to the Dark Half. The other one is The Library Policeman with all the evil forces covers total thriller and suspense story. Then comes The Sun Dog that depicts the mystery and suspense regarding the black dog appearing in the birthday pictures of a 15 year old. The supernatural powers and all the unlikely happenings create an ultimate thrilling experience for the listeners who need an added touch of thrilling horror stories.

The narration, the overall story plots and the composition of the characters and events make this collection of the best among many other masterpieces compiled by Stephen King.

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