Full Force and Effect

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Good news for the listeners i.e Scott Brick is back the man who narrated in Clancy’s time and knows what the series is all about. Mark Greaney also forms a great team with Scott and it is time to expect masterpiece from these two merging stars in the field. First it was Russia that the team at the Campus was dealing with then after that the settled the issues with China and now North Korea.

A new emerging state in the field of nuclear power becomes a big threat for the US because the two states are not in good terms with one another. The Koreans have been investing time on their nuclear program for decades but they always lacked the resources.

Now they have a proper channel for money, a great mineral source has been discovered in the land and the earned money can be invested in the nuclear research department. With these news comes another news flash i.e an official associated to CIA first goes missing and then found in the form of a dead body.

One thing is clear that the enemy is on to the US this time and the president has to take steps in this regard. No steps can be taken on the screen because it will start a massive global unrest but the president has behind the scene operators. Jack Ryan Jr. and his squad are ready for some action and this time it is in foreign land and the mission if fails can cause a nuclear war.

The race is one and the clock is ticking for the Campus that has done so well in Threat Vector and Command Authority. The mission is on the foreign land and far more dangerous than they ever faced, it could be termed as the first big assignment for the Campus and could be last if they fail.

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