Gearing Up

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The fans have been listening to the word “Gear up” since the last chapter of the series and surely everyone now knows what it means to gear up if you are fighting a battle for survival. Daniel Schinhofen too shifts up gears as the trilogy completes but still there is no sign of ending and the writer hasn’t given any such hints anywhere in the novel. The battle is getting severe and use of words by Daniel depicts the true picture of the state mind in which the main character is.

Though Alvin just has a mind after his death but now he is in a habit of using the virtual body too. Alvin and Gothy go to Nevada and set settlements there then they rescue some new friends and things look a little easy for both of them at the start until they face invasion. Invasion from the developers really takes everything away from their hands within no time. The developers are setting new rules and no matter what happen Gothy is ready to stand by his side in all wars.

The gate to a fantasy race is opened and they couple encounter dragons again that the hated most of all. The trip however goes to north and it’s not like America that the two visited in Valley of Death the description this time is much better than Rapture   and it is all because of the presence of a new narrator in the form of Tess Irondale one of the best in the field.

This part contains some adult scenes between the love scenes thus not recommended for kids of all ages.

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