Gimme Some Sugar

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Let us start with Amanda Ronconi, who is the narrator of Gimme Some Sugar and what a brilliant performance she has given. She is hands down the favorite and the most trusted narrator for the majority of novels that Molly Harper is written and Gimme Some Sugar is just one of them. You can have a good deep insight into her abilities as a writer through her novels Where the Wild Things Bite and  A Witch’s Handbook of Kisses and Curses. She has been outstanding as always in these mentioned and many other novels of her.

Lucy Bowman would never be in a position to guess that Duffy McCready, her best friend from the Funeral Home and bait Shop of the McCready Family has been in love with him. This love affair from her was there right since their childhood days. The fear of being rejected and then her very own complications in romance actually restricted Duffy from sharing his true feelings in school. Therefore, he stood and watched her getting married to Wayne Garten right after they finished high school. Wayne since ever was a cheapskate and for this reason, it came as no surprise, when he was involved in a fatal accident. The accident happened at a time when he was fixing something with his own truck.

Even as her own family and many of her friends invaded into the life of Lucy, she was ashamed to admit that her life away and without Wayne was way easier. It was far less complicated. After all, nobody had any idea that what a relentless trudge marrying to Wayne have been. Only Duffy was in a position to tell that she was hiding something really big.

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