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18th-century literature and landscape have impressed almost everybody from the beginning. Whoever possesses a taste for real literature cannot deny the fact that the 18th century was the richest in culture. Aprilynne Pike thus adds the tone of the century in the novel to make it better and appreciable.

It is not the 18th century when the story begins but inside the palace of Versailles still, old rules are followed and even the decorations and trends are the same. Workers of the palace are allowed to take the help of modern gadgets for their chores but they are not allowed to bring in any change in the overall outlook.

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A king ruling the palace behaves like an old tyrant all the time which means mercy cannot be expected from him. Between all of this, the teenager named Danica gets trapped in a big way. She at a young age witnessed the cruelty of the king with her own eyes after which the king was left with no choice but to accept her as his bride.

But she does not want to be the queen of such a tyrant so all she plans for now is to devise a way to get out of the palace. It is not easy because she lacks the funds and the only thing she can sell is a drug named Glitter.

Glitter can help her in earning money but first, she had to establish a strong contact with the underworld for its selling. Phoebe the official narrator for the story gives a cunning voice to Danica, although she is trapped she is like the lady in Illusions and Wings.

She looks cute and innocent but from the inside, she possesses the potential to get the toughest job done in no time. The plan she has made is deadly but she is not thinking of the risky factor after the commitment is made. Member Benefit

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