Gods of Risk

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Gods of Risk is a short novel from The Expanse novel series. It is written artistically by James S. A. Corey, who is a maestro in the contemporary science fiction genre. The book is marked as part 2.5 of the subject series and it promises to get you much deeply involved with the saga. This time, the author James S. A. Corey has partnered with Erik Davies for the narration and this turned out to be a job well done by him.

The book is from the best-selling author of New York Times and that is enough to know about the brilliance of this novel. To add a bit more to your excitement, The Expanse novel series became a popular television series as well.

Just as the tension between Earth and Mars rises and the terrorism overshadows the Martian city, David Draper, a 16 years old is battling his own lonely war. David was living a highly secretive life as in the capacity of a manufacturer and serving a ruthless drug dealer. At the time when his dear mate goes missing, David took all on his own to save her. But, he should first shake Bobbie Draper, his aunt, who is a former marine and set free in her life post a suspicious series of events, about which nobody is talking.

The novel is promising and it further deepens the immensely popular The Expanse novel series by the author.

Leviathan Wakes and Caliban’s War are the other novels written by James S. A. Corey, which are chapters out of The Expanse saga. You must listen to the audio version of these novels to book yourselves for hours of pure literary entertainment.





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