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    Four young girls did a lot of corruption in their past and present without getting caught by anyone ever. Life went smoothly for them in high school and after that, during this time they never allowed their secrets to leak.

    The leader of their group once knew about their secrets but she too does not exist on the face of the earth anymore. However the girls don’t consider themselves safe, the messages that irritated them in Pretty Little Liars #1 never ended with the appearance of Allison’s dead body.

    Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna are still haunted by those messages, and whoever the sender is he brings doomsday before time to the naughty girls. Independently the girls try to guess who the mysterious “A” could be. As each one of them has a mysterious and corrupt past so it may be someone from their past but how can he know the present is a haunting question.


    The blackmailer lies within them or perhaps closer to them than their expectations. They cannot run because he will not allow them to and the only way out is to get to him and make him erase the secrets that he possesses. For Spencer, the mysterious sender is her sister who wants to make her suffer for what she has done. But some hints point towards Toby too whom they have not seen since Allison’s case.

    If Toby is behind the texts then he should have a purpose too but he shares no personal grudge with the girls. The second part by Sara Shepard is more soaking, the girls get worried and they don’t know where to begin with.

    The anxiety level of the girls can be detected by Cassandra Morris’ voice in narration that tells the true tale. There are high expectations for Perfect after the completion of this gripping novel which takes the girls deeper into the web that their enemy has knitted around them cleverly.

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