Great Expectations

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Though most of Charles Dickens’ novels share some autobiographical aspects but this one can be termed as pure autobiographical. The boy Pip has strong link with Dickens own life that he spent during his boyhood when he was raised by a blacksmith and after that he moves to Miss Havisham.

The cruelty of the rich and unkind behavior is described in detail along with the trends and traditions of the 18th century upper class. He used to face the insulting behavior of Estella all the time.

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That pretty lady always talked about his low prospects that teased him the most. The moment he is told that a rich man wants to support him for his education he moves to London.

He receives money from that source for a long time and after many years he comes to know that the man who was facilitating him was the prisoner he once helped. As the prisoner once again gets arrested and dies in prison the poor Pip is again left helpless and is forced to toil for his personal expenditures.

The novel is with a strong theme no doubt, it gives us a message that we can make our own destiny if we are brave enough to face the world. The young Pip faces all the injustice of the world and finally becomes a gentleman who is not only educated but also the part owner of a firm. Like David Copperfield the path of the boy was never easy but his will was strong. The narration is in the voice of Simon Prebble this time that uses simple but dominating tone for the boy and depicts the whole scenario brilliantly.


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