Grey Sister

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Nona Grey came to Convent of Sweet Mercy all stained in blood and thus she stayed on the campus for many reasons which she cannot explain. It was this place that showed mercy to her and gave her a place to stay under tough circumstances. Showing her capabilities in different classes Nona is finally in the Mystic Class where she is told about the things that the universe hides in it.

The universe appears to be just like her i.e quite from the outside but from the inside, it has dark and grave secrets that it does not reveal to all. After the Mystic Class, the education and training of the girl are complete and she is given a choice to choose the color of her likings.

If she chooses red she would be the same old martial arts girl kicking the enemy right in the jaw. Then there is blue, grey and black color as well present as an option for her in the future. Choosing a color is not what the girl wants, she possesses an ambition of her own which she has to fulfill at every cost.

Nona has the aggression in her that can only be cooled down if she becomes successful in avenging the death of her family and killing the richest lord in the process. Mark Lawrence the author of books like Prince of Thorns presented Nona as a helpless girl in Red Sister but she is all grown up now ready to snatch what belongs to her. The Voice of Helen Duff suits the aggression of Nona as the narrator gives her character a serious tone in almost all the circumstances.


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