Half Broke Horses

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Jeannette Walls is an American based novelist. She was a renowned journalist and has also been a famous gossip columnist. She had a bestselling novel as well recently in New York Times. That book name is A Glass Castle, which is actually a memoir. The Silver Star is another phenomenal novel by the author that you must try out.

Half Broke Horses is a fantastic historical fiction. The author, Jeannette Walls herself has done the narration of this book. She is an all-rounder and has proved this in this book by playing this dual role of an author and a narrator. As a narrator, she managed to make to the Audie Award finalists in 2010 for the Narration by the Author award category.

Half Broke Horses is also a personal account of Jeannette Walls. It is a story of Lily Casey Smith who is a resource and no nonsense grandmother. By the age of 6 only, Lily was helping her father in breaking horses. At the age of 15, she left her home in order to pursue a teaching career in a frontier town. She had to go on a ride of 500 miles alone on a pony in order to secure her very first job. Later on she learned to drive a car and then later on, learned to fly a plane even.

In Arizona, she ran a huge ranch along with Jim, her husband. She had two children and one among them was Rosemary Smith Walls. She was actually the mother of Jeannette Walls.

Lily Casey Smith survived floods, droughts, tornadoes and Great Depression. She also survived the most terrible personal tragedy and all of this in one life.

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