Handle with Care

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Every couple wants a child but they want a perfect one as well who can move in the society with them and can fulfill their dreams as well. But if your child is suffering from an incurable disease and you know that things will never get better than the burden surely starts showing itself. Willow has severe issue right from her birth issues like Osteogenesis, it means that her bones are so fragile that they might break with just a little jerk. Charlotte and Sean wanted to see their daughter a happy healthy person but they get the bills of her medical treatment and the end of each month.

No recovery is observed but then again they cannot leave their only child in a helpless and hopeless condition. Willow though with an intellect that can impress anyone still does not possess a physic that can impress her parents. Even her mother now starts thinking about things that usually mothers don’t think about. She even starts questioning her husband that what would be their life like if their daughter was never born. Jodi Picoult does not harp on the same pattern that was witnessed in A Spark of Light and Small Great Things this is entirely new in theme and the way the author writes is unique.

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The list of narrators is long including Cassandra Morris, Charlotte Perry, Alma Cuervo and Jessica Almasy and it is a good team work that the narrators show all the way. No pauses or mixing of voice is present anywhere and everything is done in good understanding also the character of Willow is depicted in quite a vibrant way that we feel her liveliness.

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