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    Sara Holland has previously become quite famous with her fantasies among the fans, stories such as Everless and Evermore can take the listener to a dimension that he never imagined. Not in imagination, one can think about enmity that lasts for twelve lifetimes. Then there are hidden secrets that work like clues on the main occasions.

    Havenfall is also the same type of thing that grips anyone who listens to it for a minute or two. It is just an inn but in reality, it joins all the realms at one fixed spot on earth. Creatures from different realms come to the place for a rest or sometimes for a shelter that is provided to them by the caretaker who allows no lawlessness from any direction. Among the creatures that come to the place for a stay, there is Maddie Morrow who wanted an escape from the human world after her mother was arrested because of a hideous crime.


    Brekken the new love found by her in life is associated with the place and luckily the innkeeper is Maddie’s uncle so she can stay at the place as much as she wants. Maddie thought that the sad days of her life were over but then came a dead body and she also received the news that her uncle also got injured in the incident. First-person that she searched for was Brekken, he too was nowhere to be found.

    Her days of innkeeping come a little early than she hoped. Maddie after remaining so much dejected in her life thinks that her time to stand against the odds has come. With Kate Handford’s narration, the main character has got quite an edge in personality. Through narration, the character gets a much-polished posture in the time of action.


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