Havenfall Harbor Book One


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    Albany Walker gives the introduction of the “Havenfall Harbor” in culinary terms; the place is fun to watch because it is loaded with a lot of strange students. Students present in the school are all gifted with different powers and the teachers are also not ordinary human beings. It is a nice little place to hang out if you are not a human. There is no place for a human being in this world of monsters and powerful creatures who have dangerous sorts of powers. But a girl is introduced by the author between all of this stuff. She starts her job in Havenfall Harbor willingly and thinks that she can pull this task over.

    Havenfall Harbor Book One

    She has been crazy about this job but now she thinks that she has made a wrong decision. It is not a place where an ordinary human being can survive. The students are dangerous and the teachers i.e some of them are deadly if you go too close to them. Between all of this, a human girl cannot survive so she decides of resigning but there is something she has to do for her two boyfriends. Instead of one, she has two boyfriends and she doesn’t know why she is attracted to both of them.

    At times she thinks that they have cast a bewitching spell on her because she does not like the two from her heart. Brooke Daniels and Brandon Williams narrate the monologues to perfection here. The brain and heart of the girl don’t work in coordination here. Friends with the Monsters and Infinity Chronicles, Book 1 should be the listener’s next priority if he or she likes this book full of strange monsters. The author always portrays the scenes well because of which the story or theme is sidelined in the mind. Romance is just flying in the whole atmosphere with a pinch of lust in it all the way.

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