Friends with the Monsters


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    Being friend with a monster is dangerous and being in love with it is very deadly but one can expect such themes by Albany Walker. Infinity Chronicles, Book 1, and Havenfall Harbor Book One shared such themes with the audience on a large scale. Here the author introduces another free will man in appearance who likes to make friends with monsters. He has human friends but when everyone rests the lad summons the monsters because their company is what he likes the best. He enjoys being with them and the simple answer to the thought that why he is not afraid of this entire thing well he himself is not an ordinary being.

    Friends with the Monsters

    When the night takes over the lad is perhaps the biggest monster there is on the land. He is friendly to both the world but the hidden agenda is unknown to both worlds. It is through his monologue that we come to know that he is evil. Otherwise, in the voice of Vanessa Moyen and Lucas Webley, we find in the boy a perfect friend to have. He is not biting anyone like the vampires nor is he preparing to roast his human friends down in the oven.

    There could be a chance that he wants to make the best of both worlds in his life. Supernatural elements have been there in Albany’s books and almost all of the books are strange in their storyline. The author’s monster stories are different as the monsters are not always eating human beings. Rather some of the monsters help the human race and a few even fall in love with the humans strangely.

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