Heaven, My Home

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Its love what the mothers and grandmothers provide to the children of the house, Attica Locke presents an opposite case here to this usual routine. Darren Mathews had a rough childhood and then he ran away from his house to better his fortunes a little. He thrived in everything until he was sent back to the hell he once ran from.

The man is back in Texas facing issues like racism and lawlessness. In these troubles, he does not have time to give a thorough look to his married life which is slowly coming to an end. Being scolded from all sides Mathews comes to his mother who can help him out of this situation. The mother, however, does not show any interest in the betterment of her son rather she is more interested in her benefit.

Not far from their house is the house of the lost boy named Levi. Levi a mere nine years old boy left his house for the sake of some fun or outdoor activity and now he is lost. It was Levi’s grandmother who used to look after him but as Darren approaches her she looks more concerned about her business rather than the lost boy. Thus the two old ladies in the novel look more concerned about money and not relations.

Bluebird, Bluebird, and Black Water Rising didn’t touch personal relations to this extent. This novel talks about relations at certain levels, first it is the relation between Darren and his wife. The second relation is between Darren and his mother whom J D Jackson narrates. Lastly, we observe the relation between the lost Levi and his grandmother who is more of a businesswoman.

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