Her Last Goodbye

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Morgan Dane, Book 2

We move towards the second part of the Morgan Dane series by Melinda Leigh, the narrator is even the same which makes this book a nice continuation of the previous part as Cris Dukehart’s voice gives a nice touch to the whole thing.

Morgan this time solves the case of a missing woman but things suddenly become subjective all of a sudden when the things start moving toward Morgan’s personal life and her family. Morgan takes the case of Chelsea Clark who had gone missing since the night she left her house for a girl’s night out with her friends.

Chelsea has always been a responsible mother and has never stranded her two little daughters and her loving husband. In such circumstance, her husband becomes the prime focus of the investigation because of which he hires Morgan and Lance Kruger not only to find her wife but also to prove him innocent in front of the police and his daughters even.

The case becomes more and more complex and Morgan for the first time in her life realizes that she is not searching for an ordinary murder, the person behind all this is a predator and it’s quite possible that Morgan and her family would be its next victims. The other two books with the same plot and approximately the same theme are Secrets Never Die and Say You’re Sorry and these two books can also be read along with this one if you have an interest in writer’s work and are fond of murder mysteries.

The good thing about the series is that each character is given equal space in the novel and the clues are never presented to you dished up, you got to look for them all the time.



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    Say You’re Sorry

    What I’ve Done


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