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Kellyanne Conway was not that much renowned in the past but after the elections in which Trump remained victorious, the author really emerged. She was actually given the target to run the presidential campaign for Donald Trump. It was apparently a risk that Trump took because in the past no female has been successful in leading the election campaign. Many thought that it was an error that would make Trump go down as a failure but it was not the case rather the result was totally opposite.

The author took the presidential campaign very seriously and she delivered an excellent outcome as a result of which Trump landed in the White House. Thus Kellyanne became the first ever woman in American history to win in such a big way for her client. The author wrote this book after her success in order to tell the people that the entire thing was not a piece of cake for her. Going on with the presidential campaign is never easy because there are a lot of critics that are working against you and they are always looking for your weak points.

Defeating such opponents and keeping the main thing in mind at the same time is not easy. Books like Formula 50 and From Pieces to Weight told us how to deal with fear but it was theory and Kellyanne has done everything practically. The author’s words also show that she has a proud feeling in her heart after her accomplishments in the past few years. Surely she is an example for many other women who want to go higher and higher in their professional life.

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