Hollow Kingdom

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Writing about a bird is tough because one has to dig deep into its way of living to portray an exact picture. In the past, so many things have been written on birds of different kinds but selecting a crow as the main character surely needed Kira Jane Buxton’s expertise. Crow in the story appears more like a human being because it possesses its personality and view about other crows of the neighborhood. Somehow we get the gesture that S.T i.e the crow thinks of other crows as lowly creatures against his superior intellect. S.T even mocks other crows on several occasions which depicts his mentality.

The crow likes to eat human food and also tries to remain in the company of Big Jim all the time. Big Jim the man who owns the crow takes good care of him but one day Big Jim just passes away. The crow tries everything but fails to cure his owner. Thus the crow decides to venture on his own in the human world which looks quite different to him from the one he used to see on the television. Society is more hollow than he used to think and it was nothing S.T ever dreamed of for his future life.

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In the company of a dog, the journey begins quite gloomily with no way out except to adapt to the situation. Robert Petkoff has narrated such a character for the first time so it was a new thing for the narrator too. The story is a fine one with just a few breaks here and there but the rest is just perfect in all regards.

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