Kill Alex Cross


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    Detective Alex Cross never at the beginning of the series though that he would rise so high in his career. His small office had very little potential but then everything just kept on coming for him and he accepted all of it. Missions with the FBI and some joint ventures with the military allowed him to make a name for himself. He is so well established in the field now that the president of the US wants him for a special mission. The Son and daughter of the president are kidnapped by an unknown source and all the agencies under the president’s belt are not helping properly. There is a doubt that someone in the Secret Service is behind all of it.

    Kill Alex Cross

    Because of this involvement of a secret dark hand, Alex has not been able to get into the case fully. Meanwhile, there is also some news about water contamination in the capital. A dark force has launched an attack on the US and someone from within is doing all this.

    James Patterson makes Alex stand against everything and everyone he knows in the department. It is a matter of national security and only Alex can save the people of the US. Leave Alex Cross’s TRIAL and I, Alex Cross aside if you are patriotic and start listening to this one. Andre Braugher and Zach Grenier’s voice gives Alex a soldier look when he stands tall against all the odds for the sake of humanity and motherland. Threats to his life get high but he is no turning back, the time has come for him to show who he truly is.

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