I, Alex Cross

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Now and then we witness that Alex is trying to live his life like a normal human being but a call of duty changes that scenario completely for him. Again like Four Blind Mice and The Big Bad Wolf he was trying to make himself feel happy by being close to those he loves.

But a member of his family is killed and he wants to catch the criminal as early as possible because justice should prevail in every case. Leaving the party was a tough thing for him but he did not waste any time there. Just a single document or a phone call makes Alex professional and after that, we are witnessing a robot that just performs his job. While investigating the murder of his relative, Alex realizes that his relative was not the only one who got killed on the same spot.

There were other people too present in that place and they also confronted the same fate. James Patterson again takes this issue from personal to professional. The author’s characters don’t blink when they get into the final gear and they reach the finish line at a quick pace.

First Alex thought that killer has only killed his relative then the scene provided him the news that more than one person was standing on the spot. Lastly perhaps one of them was holding a big secret because of which the rest of the people also lost their lives. Tim Cain and Michael Cerveris narrate the high drama in collaboration. The more Alex investigates the more dangerous the case becomes for him and the entire nation.

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