Alex Cross’s TRIAL

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Alex Cross has gone through experiences that an ordinary man would have collapsed long ago against them. First, he lost his wife and then a few girlfriends too; his children also were used as bait by the enemies. He has also lost friends in the department but the man has stood strong on his ground and he has not allowed crime to flourish on a massive scale. Dylan Baker narrates the soft side of Alex when the story begins as he is seen narrating an old story to his children.

He used to listen to this story from his grandmother when he was young and now he wants his next generation to enjoy the same thing. It is good to see family bonds that were not given any space in Roses Are Red and Violets Are Blue But it does not mean that the story which James Patterson and Richard DiLallo have created is not strong.

Usually, authors use the help of such material when they don’t possess a strong story well this is an incorrect statement regarding this book. Ben in the story is a lawyer who is trying to fight social injustice and racism in a time when these two things are at their peak. Then directly by the president, the man is given orders to check whether the news about the Ku Klux Klan is true or not. Ben just could not say no to the orders and runs towards his native land.

There he gets the chance to meet Abraham and his daughter toward whom he is attracted at once. During the investigation, Ben gets the chance to see the sight of the black people living in the ruins of the area. Someone has been treating them like animals and Ben wants to know who and why.

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    Cross Country

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