Killman Creek

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It’s difficult to deal with a serial killer, not even when you’ve once lived with the person under the same roof. Gwen Proctor has tried all she can to keep her kids very far away from Melvin. But deep down, she knows no hidden place will be a strong enough fortress to protect her kids from one of the deadliest killers of all time.

This book has everything – suspense, action, and battle of wits and accomplishments. The author Rachel Caine did a very good job here. The book is highly unpredictable, just like its other series from the same author Stillhouse Lake

No one will be able to confidently tell what is going to happen the next minute. It draws the emotion of the reader and makes them feel they are part and parcel of the action. The book is thrilling and captivating at the same time. It has well-deserved encomium as one of the best suspense-packed thrillers in recent times.

Gwen thought she has successfully won the right to protect her kids from her husband, a serial killer. However, she still has some battles to fight.  And it seems her war just begun after her husband broke out of prison.

Sam Cade, a brother to one of Gwen’s ex’s victims, has joined her to bring down her nightmare. She thought she’s well equipped to go hunting- a skill she learned from one of the most ruthless killers alive.

However, she’s beginning to lose trust among the small circle of friends she has. Each incident comes with a strong sense of betrayal. She only has anger and vengeance as her strongest tool to put a whole lot of things right in her lifetime.



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