Kiss the Dead

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Trying to get back into the human world more Anita is seen more with U.S officials. Her inner demons not only tease her rather they horrify her like haunting nightmares. Helping the people around her and involving herself in other matters appears to be a good habit to her. Before her very eyes, she has seen people turning into devils, slaughtering the rest like a piece of scrap. Never before she has heard of an evil force that is trying to change the average human being into the undead.

Among all the vampires and weretigers in the world, only Anita knows how is like to be an undead because she has been reanimating them for a decade or so. It all started when a teenage girl was kidnapped and the police suspected the indulgence from the dark side in the case. Anita reached the girl after facing many hardships, when she reached the spot where the girl was kept she was surprised to see that there were others present there. All of the people present on the spot were of different ages which means that the target of the kidnapper was not a particular age group.

Anita apart from dealing with hard-headed vampires like Asher and this abduction case has other problems in her personal life. Her inner demons are trying to kick out since Skin Trade and Flirt. Kimberly Alexis remains successful in providing Anita the perfect voice in such an emotional state. She sighs and cries but is not ready to give up hope; Laurell K. Hamilton is slowly closing all doors for her heroine which will make her use the true powers hidden inside.


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