Legend: Dragonrider Legacy,Book 3

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Legend is the 7th installment in the Dragonrider Universe novel series. It is a fictional novel written for the teen and young adult audience. The author of this novel is Nicole Conway who is quite good and fresh with his fictional writing that almost always impresses her audience and critics alike. A few of her recommended novels include the likes of Vicious Vows and Fledgling.

Jesse Einstein is the narrator of Legend and his performance was spectacular. He was apt with his expression and produced quite a soulful performance.

The worst ever fears of Reigh have been realized after being captured by Argonox, the brutal tyrant. Argnox managed to twist the mysterious powers of Reigh successfully and all that was meant for a very evil purpose. It was all about reanimating Beckah Derrick, the long dead, and a legendary dragon rider. But, the torture and cruelty of Argonox wouldn’t end here at all and Reigh thinks that the worst is yet to come. Rescuing of Reigh looked next to impossible just as the Tibran began to set their final strike. They were determined to break the ranks of Dragonriders of Maldobar once and for all.

Several cities were captured already by the Tibetan Empire and hope remains only with Princess Jenna, Jaevid, Phillip, and the mismatched group of the dragonrider allies. Even in those testing times, Jaevid could very well find about his few more old friends who will be ready to pick up weapons and support him.

Legend novel is awesome and it is something that you would love to listen to repeatedly. The writing of Nicole Conway was magnificent and Jesse Einstein was at his usual best.

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