Maybe Now

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“To err is human” is an apt description of the series; the people in the different parts of this novel are not the perfect type. They have flaws because of which they commit mistakes and this makes them more real in front of the listener. The people are just like us they are not the fantasy type unreal characters.

It is people like Ridge and Sydney that tell everyone what life can become after just one or two incidents here and there. Nothing is perfect in this world but then one has to live with all this imperfection as he too is not perfect in all ways.

Colleen Hoover puts friendship and loyalties at stake all the time for the sake of raw romance and true love. So often we find characters losing their identities and acting like a totally new person in the story after they are deceived by a loved one. We even meet Warren and Bridgette Maybe Not who come close to one another because they have no one left for them anywhere around.

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Maybe Someday also had the same arrangement for a new relationship. This current book is the mixes up of all this even the narrators are the same for the old characters including Angela Goethals, Rebekkah Ross, Zachary Webber and Jonathan Todd Ross.

The corruption is not moral one thus not recommended for the adults only a few scenes joined with the sex issues are hilarious not that serious that they should be eliminated. The messages are not strong but the feelings are and this is what makes a novel truly romantic one in literature. Member Benefit

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    Maybe Not

    November 9


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