The Hidden Kingdom


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    This wonderful tale “The Hidden Kingdom” is reported by Tui T Sutherland and narrated by Shannon McManus. The Flames of Hope and The Lost Heir are the best portrayals of Tui T Sutherland. These are also versatile pieces of his outstanding work among others. This volume “The Hidden Kingdom” is the 3rd volume of the “Wings of Fire” series. This is a generally excellent story and is uncovered practically till the end. This volume is elegantly arranged, exceptionally wonderful scenes are flawlessly described in this book.

    The Wings of Fire adventure proceeds. The other winged serpent clans believe that the RainWings are serene and lethargic even from a pessimistic standpoint however Glory’s companions know she was more impressive than she appeared. Currently, Glory will find exactly how strong her kindred ‘RainWings’ can be and how awful.

    The Hidden Kingdom

    The story was enrapturing and Glory’s personality was grown well all through the tale. It presented how Glory had the option to save her clan and make changes to rainwing society that affected the realm to improve things. The universe of Wings of Fire is extremely mind-boggling and it was exceptionally intriguing to see the universe of the ‘rainwings’ which most mythical serpents aside from the Nightwing disregard.

    The voice acting was incredible too. The one who will peruse this book would work effectively separating the person’s voices from each other. The secret realm is astounding like there are two realms in a single kingdom since there are two passages that go to the night realm the baffling evening wing realm and the sand realm.

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