Mickey Haller (1-6)



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    The Michael Connelly series of Mickey Haller is a tale of a lawyer who can do anything and that do according to the law, thus no one can blame or arrest him at any stage rather he can help those behind the bars to enjoy the open air again.

    The first part starts with a case related to a playboy who is arrested in a harassment case and thinks that there is no way out for him before he hires the master Mickey Haller who studies his case and thinks that the case is the easiest one he had ever confronted or dealt with for him the main quality of the lawyer is negotiation that helps him to solve every case without much effort or struggle. The second part forces Haller to join hand with Harry Bosch for the final disposition of the case that was related to Vincent’s killer.

    Mickey Haller (1-6)

    For the first time in the second section, Haller faces a threat to his life as he finds the killer after him. Thus Haller faces everything and all sort of situations in the six-part series, he deals with murder cases, false accusations and also case related to the DNA samples. Mortgage issues too are dealt with by him in an expert manner thus he could be termed as the Jack of all trades.

    The last part, however, is the most interesting one in which he once again takes the help of Harry Bosch is half-brother in a case that is related to the murder. Harry Bosch is given the status of a retired officer in this part starts to work once again for the sake of Haller and his client which Haller thinks is innocent. The narration by Adam Grupper, Peter Giles, Titus Welliver is really good to listen to as it is slow and easy to understand.  More stories including Dark Sacred Night – Michael Connelly and Shadow – Jan Stryvant may be some good ones to give you more time to enjoy such novels.

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