Mr. Mercedes Audiobook: A Novel

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Mr. Mercedes: A Novel By Stephen King

Mr. Mercedes is one of the most suspense-filled characters created for the story Mr. Mercedes same as Stephen King has created in It and the Salem’s Lot where unknown forces have to be revealed and dealt with all the cruelty to make sure they would not come again to ruin the innocent humanity. In the whole plot full of suspense and terror where the insane Hartfield would be killing people when they are doing no harm to him, you may find yourself building an urge inside to find and capture the continuous symbol of terror named Mr. Mercedes whose actual name has been revealed as Hartfield.

Stephen King has successfully created the character and the story against the Mr. Mercedes who loves to plow into innocent people and kill them using the stolen vehicle he has.

Mr. Mercedes: A Novel By Stephen King

Mr. Hodges who has nothing to lose works as an agent to find out Mr. Mercedes after getting to know about a confession made in a letter that compels him to start looking for the Mr. Mercedes before he kills another lot of people.

The whole story keeps on developing and transforming throughout the time and keeps your lingering with the suspense so that you never lose interest and continuously urge to solve the suspense.

Though the story builds up and gets solved very smoothly, it is never boring and keeps the interest of the reader to its peak throughout the time. Here Will Patton has done a great job and has given the best narration to bring life to the characters so that you would feel like solving the suspense together with Mr. Hodges.


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