Rogue Robin Monarch 1


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    There was much about wars and conspiracies in Beneath a Scarlet Sky and all that was not only real but also tragic. People were deprived of their houses in that story and also of their belongings, but this one is totally different it is the story of one man with the whole world after him.

    The book provides thrilling scenes and energetic performance by Robin Monarch which is fun to listen. No big love tragedies like previous tales and it is a fine beginning of a series which reminds us of “Mission impossible” stuff. Robin officially works for the CIA and is its front man when the need arises.

    This whole confidence of the agency helps him to get into more of the information about CIA’s operations. One of such big operations lands him on the enemy’s corner, Robin learns about the conspiracy that changes everything for him.

    He knows that his own agency will want him dead after this, so he runs away from the scene but not from his mission. International mafias also want to reach to that information which he has in his brain and now he has to save himself and also his country from the biggest conspiracy of the century.

    Rogue Robin Monarch 1

    Mark Sullivan has started an adventure series for the first time and it is not a bad job at all. Eric Meyers has done great in narration and the eyes are now set on Outlaw the second part of the series that would perhaps come with more surprises. Robin Monarch is one of those patriots who work for their land undercover and thus remain unnoticed only by the public of course.

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