New Alliance

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One mission and then another has been the life of Dean and Mary, during all these years of their long relation they have not been able to be together completely. For the sake of the love of his life Dean decides to retire in this part, he thinks that he has done enough for the world now. The world however demands one more mission from him and Dean like always cannot say no to it.

Mission is associated to old friends, Magnus and Natalia who just lost connection with the radar all of a sudden and since then there is no sign of them. Mission gets a greater twist when the portals start to malfunction suddenly, reaching to different worlds become more difficult than the team anticipated. Dean starts alone and then in the later stages the author Nathan Hystad provides him with a team that is aware of the situation more than anyone else.

Alliance of the Worlds becomes a new experience for the hero of the Earth and he comes to know about more secrets about the portals that were still hidden. If we compare this part with The Theos and Old Enemy there is a sure lack of energy. There are two things that make it different from the previous parts; one is that the danger is not a threat to the world at the start.

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Secondly, the upcoming threat does not reach his family in any way. Help also comes to Dean in time and he does not have to look for it for a long time. Marc Vietor the new narrator here replaces a legend but gets hold of everything in a strong way. Marc binds us with his voice so much that we tend to forget the big change. Member Benefit

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