Nick and Charlie

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The impact of first love can be felt throughout life, it is something that makes a special place in the heart. No matter how hard one tries, he is never able to replace that first love with a new one.

Alice Oseman has not talked about love all the time and it has not been among the chief themes of her novels but when the author talks about love, the thing is surely heart-touching. Radio Silence and This Winter can easily steal the heart of the listener because of the topic which the author has selected for the story.

This is purely a love story and the characters who are in love are Charlie and Nick. For two long years, the two spend almost all the time together. Even when they are not together, they are seen sending messages to one another. They go to the movies together and talk about different likes and dislikes all the time. Thus they are more like an inseparable power couple which can never part from each other.

Though some people think that the two live in an imaginary world most of the time but it does not matter because they are not concerned with the opinion of the people. Story gets twisted when Nick tells Charlie that he has to go to the university which means that both of them wouldn’t be seeing each other for a couple of years.

They have always heard that love becomes stronger in such cases but they start thinking that whether their love is true love or not. Forgetting each other or finding new relations in this time can really change the fate of these two characters.

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