Nightmare at 20,000 Feet

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This is one of the finest collection of nightmare stories that readers or listeners would not be able to resist until they listen till the end of all of the stories one by one. This perfectly compiled collection of the stories that depict the war against fears that goes on within the mind and body of every one of us brings in the feeling like if we are also a part of the story and that is happening with us right now.

No one could ever imagine stories that are written in such a detail and in such a compelling way as they have been written by an Iconic author Richard Matheson who knows our fear inside out and have combined the most common fear with the furious fantasies of all time.

The additional beauty of this collection is the introduction given by Stephen King who is also a fantasy, horror and suspense writing guru. As he explains the phenomenon and the various factors leading to such a thrilling set of stories written by Richard Matheson.

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The stories that are included here in this collection includes First Anniversary, Wet Straw, Disappearing Act, The Children of Noah, Through Channels, and the SlaughterHouse. The collection also contains the stories that have led to the unforgettable episodes of The Twilight Zone and Steven Spielberg film as well.

Though you could imagine the way Richard writes as he is not the one who needs no extra explanation of his work if you have read through any of his legendary stories, you may feel an extra tint by listening to the extraordinary narration done by the top narrators including Ray Potter, Yuri Rasovsky, Paul Michael, Lorna Raver, Malcolm Hillgartner and Arte Johnson. All these narration voices have given the exact feel, the thrill and the terror inside the stories so that you can be a part of the story as you are listening to it.

You can listen to the Hell House, I Am Legend and The Best of Richard Matheson is you are looking for some more individual short stories.




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