No Plan B

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Reacher has no time to waste because there are many things that are going in the wrong way and he is the only one with the skill to do it right. He has done it before and he has what it takes to bring down the bad guys for the sake of justice. Once he used to work for the government and his department but now he works for justice in order to help those who are innocent and cannot defend themselves.

It is Colorado where a woman dies in a bus accident and the driver of the bus says that it was a suicide because the woman came in front of his bus at once. Jack Reacher is aware of the reality because he saw a man in a hoodie who threw the woman in front of the bus and ran away with her purse.

Later the same sort of case appears in the city once again and it is declared a suicide once again. Jack thinks that something big is going on so he decides to stay in the city for a while in order to solve the case. Lee Child and Andrew Child have knitted two missions in this novel so the name of the story is just perfect.

The villain is actually doing all these things to hide his true mission which the narrator Scott Brick narrates later in the novel. Killing Floor is the first part of the series but here starting from the first part does not matter because every part has a different story. Nothing to Lose is also a good story to have for the weekend.

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