Old Earth

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Vulkan a very important character in the war still lives and though most of the people thought that he died but those were only rumors. Vulkan Lives and Deathfire proved that he survived but his freedom was lost at the hands of his brother whose torture made his life a living hell. Now Vulkan is emerging once again to the surface world but he is not the same man anymore. After remaining in devilish prison and getting physical and mental torture Vulkan has lost his old personality and body.

Mount Deathfire made him a new man but the goal of his life is still the same and thus for the fulfillment of that goal he gathers his sons and forms a much needed team that could help him rise to the surface world. After reaching the surface world Vulkan gets into trouble not that sort that he had planned for but there are political disturbances in the outside world. The Raven Guards and not completely with the Iron Hands and Salamanders too are slipping from the scene of the war.

Tough choices are ahead of Vulkan who cannot decide that whether he should help the side that has become famous with the name traitors or return to Terra for which his heart still beats. Nick Kyme has added the name Ferrus Manus after a long time and this means that there is more trouble to follow after the initial start. The returning lord Vulkan gets a passionate voice of Jonathan Keeble in narration, after a longtime Jonathan has tried to change the style a little specifically for this special character.

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